Triggerfish Attack

Divers Alert Network, King Triggerfish Attacks, Wounds Diver

King Triggerfish Attacks, Wounds Diver. A large triggerfish attacked a diver, hitting him in the head and causing a large wound on the scalp.

Two trigger fish attack scuba diver, underwater video. – Scuba Birds

24 jan. 2015 – Underwater video from Koh Tao, Thailand. Scuba diver fight with two triggerfish.

This Photo of a Diver’s Triggerfish Wound Will Shock You – Azula

16 jan. 2018 – A triggerfish wound can send you to the hospital, apparently. Australian Julie Pochet’s beach day turned scary when she was attacked by one …

Titan triggerfish attack the mirror. Self awareness … – Dissolve

Titan triggerfish attack the mirror. Self awareness experiment, mirror test.

The Most Dangerous Fish: Undercurrent 07/2011

Apparently Edson’s dive trip happened during breeding time for Titan triggerfish. While the chances of a shark attacking you while diving are very rare, the odds …

Queen Triggerfish attack – ©Christopher Gug – www … – Pinterest

~~~Oh, hello~~~ Triggerfish are members of the Balistidae family, which includes 40 species in 11 genera that inhabit coral reefs in the Atlantic, the Indian, and …

Collective defense by spiny lobster (Panulirus argus) against …

Abstract Migrating queues of Caribbean spiny lobsters, Panulirus argus, suffer attacks during daylight by variable numbers of triggerfish they encounter on patch …

Swimmer’s hand mauled by coral reef fish off Port Douglas | Cairns Post

5 jan. 2018 – The woman was mauled by a trigger fish, like the one pictured. … by a triggerfish or a puffer fish, both of which are known to attack people.

Saltwater ’piranha’ found – Sydney Morning Herald

17 jan. 2003 – Adult pelagic triggerfish can grow to seven kilos, can attack people in groups of hundreds and have been known to kill, he said. Officials do not …

Le baliste Titan ou Trigger fish – PHOTOVOLTA CLEAN LAMY EIRL

13 jan. 2016 – Il porte le nom de trigger-fish , en anglais, à cause de sa nageoire caudale qui se braque comme … Attaque de Baliste titan / Triggerfish attack.